Dropped in to say ‘Hello’ to my wonderful blogging community! I have been missing in action for some time. This month was about running errands, reading books, family time and a lot of cooking! 😍 Hope you all are doing great! Missed you all.
Stay connected ❤❤

22 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Hello Nanchi its been a long 7 months since I logged in to WordPress. Updating the blog used to be a weekly affair but Corona and the subsequent lockdown meant that lots of time was spent on adjusting to the new normal that was in front of us. A world that was new and scary at the same time. Now that the restrictions are easing out (at least in Mumbai we are allowed to go out. The lifeline of Mumbai – the local trains that is – is still off limits for commoners like me though), it was time to get the camera off the cover and start exploring the new world. I did venture out but the new world was kind of scary. With most of the places still closed, there were lesser crowds at the usual crowded places even on a weekend. I hope you are doing well and you and your family is safe. Hope to connect with your blog soon. Take care


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