Mallikarjun Temple, Saswad, Maharashtra

Happy Travel Face!

Always happy when travelling. Since 5 months at home; probably the longest when we haven’t travelled anywhere. But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming, planning and virtually visiting my favourite places. 💃🕺 Things are slowly getting in place and it has to be local travel this year. Which holiday destination are you planning to visit post lockdown? Let me know. May be it matches mine? … Continue reading Happy Travel Face!

How I miss my travel days!

This is our 8th week of the lock-down. I miss my travel each day, everyday and how. Missing those long drives, booking stays, photographing, exploring, meeting strangers, casual talks, exchanging knowledge, leaning new culture, trying new cuisine. Ha! But that doesn’t lower my spirit. I keep myself motivated by scrolling through the travel photos from Bali, Jaipur, Sikkim, Bikaner, and reading travel books, planning future … Continue reading How I miss my travel days!