How I miss my travel days!

This is our 8th week of the lock-down. I miss my travel each day, everyday and how. Missing those long drives, booking stays, photographing, exploring, meeting strangers, casual talks, exchanging knowledge, leaning new culture, trying new cuisine. Ha! But that doesn’t lower my spirit. I keep myself motivated by scrolling through the travel photos from Bali, Jaipur, Sikkim, Bikaner, and reading travel books, planning future vacations, making notes, watching travel videos. These are my ways to virtually fly to any place.

When I look back, I genuinely feel blessed and grateful for all the travel experiences I have had.

Podar Haveli Museum, Carved Wooden Gate, Nanchi, Megha Chhatbar

What about you people? Any travel plans? If yes, which is the first place you want to visit as soon as this chaos is over? Have you started planning already?

I don’t want to think much but I hope I can travel soon!🤞🤞

49 thoughts on “How I miss my travel days!

  1. Wow miss Nanchi, such a beautiful place, what colors and designs, uff… so much dense designed walls like I could stare them for long thank you for sharing it. I guess you just envoked traveller within me with those connection through journey .

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  2. Yes miss, I noticed that well, I was actually zooming in the picture here.
    Well miss if I tell you, I do like traveling a lot. but there gets some issues with health or money, It would be really really great if I could go to places where I could wander at least 5 days and yes If people I travel with, want the same. I don’t like one day trips. So far I had travelled so much just with my cycle.. oh.. yes one trip with family to sarnath and then mahabaleshwar was great. 😅😊

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    1. Yeah, Rishabh. I can understand. We all have economic, physical and mental challenges but we need to pass through it.
      5 days are a good time to explore a place in detail, if we have time in hand. One day trips are fun if not too distant.

      WOW! Travelling with cycle is an altogether a different experience. Share where all have you travelled with bicyle. Would love to know. I see you as more of a Solo Traveller. 😊


      1. Well, thanks for sharing it… will wait for your other one post.. 5 days as I think of because I don’t see that I can fulfill my hunger to see the new place just in a day… and yes you’re right I am a solo

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  3. We are quite content to explore the backroads of our lovely New Zealand, but I certainly appreciate it when others share the far-flung travels, no matter when it was 🙂

    Your corner is beautiful this week! Thanks for sharing it at the ‘My Corner of the World’ link up.

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    1. Betty, you are fortunate enough to explore the backroads. Surely, even I like to read about the travel stories be it throwback! I am glad you liked it! 😊❤


      1. Well my list of places to visit is quite long and it’s hard to choose. I do feel post lockdown a trek is better than anything else.


  4. I was worried about that only and I told you also. You’re such a travel person that staying home would be irritating for you. But we don’t have any other option either.

    I’m sure once it’s all open you’re gonna enjoy your company of travel partner and have fun.

    I’m not much of a travel person, I have a bit fear of travelling too so I prefer staying home. I travel through words though. Haha!

    You look beautiful in the picture. Is it Krishnaji in it? Which location was it?

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    1. Ya, the other day you told me and that evoked me to write this. I won’t say it is irritating but yeah tough times for all of us in one or the other way. Waiting and hoping for the good is the only thing we can do.

      Yes, I am awaiting to travel with my partner. This time it would a road not much known. 😊

      I can’t imagine travelling fear….eeps! Staying home for me is just like you travelling! 😂 Yes, your idea of travelling through doesn’t require any bookings, any time or planning. Good idea! 🙂

      Thank you so much for the appreciation. No that is not Krishnaji but regular painting of royal life. This photograph is taken in one of the 100 years old haveli in Nawalgarh. Will post about it in detail soon. 😊

      I hope you are doing well.


  5. Well, who doesn’t miss traveling?
    I am pretty sure that we will travel soon. Very very soon.
    Let’s hear what the Government plans. I think restarting flights within a week from now is in their agenda.
    A slight trouble for Western India is the onset of monsoons during June. That might play a spoilsport as far as traveling is concerned, despite opening up trains and flights.
    I am optimistic though and hope for the Best in a realistic scenario.. 😊

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  6. I was just thinking today that I cannot wait to travel somewhere. I am waiting for my son’s passport to arrive in the mail and hope we can go somewhere in Europe at Christmas time. This summer probably will not happen since I am not sure what will be opened up yet but who knows, maybe in July?

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  7. I understand how it feels. I miss travel very badly and given to the current situation I don’t think I would be able to muster up the courage to travel anywhere for the next one year if not I have to for some work. It is such a difficult phase. Travel is the most liveliest thing a person can do.

    I hope we all get to travel soon.

    Thanks for this lovely post.

    Best wishes from The Strong Traveller and have a great day

    Do have a look at my blog whenever you find the time. There is some travel and lifestyle content which you may find interesting. Your thoughts will surely be very valuable. 🙂


  8. Nanchi, you have visited many beautiful places, I can understand why you are missing that part of your life. I miss being able to meet my ladies group for coffee as well as just having the freedom to go where I want. I am not a big traveler but do enjoy taking long road trips to visit friends and new places. I am so ready to start planning my next road trip…it will probably be to North Carolina again. Thanks for haring this post and linking up! Hopefully we will all be able to move about soon.



  9. I haven’t travelled abroad in years and this was meant to be the year. I was due to go to Austria tomorrow and Germany in July. Now I’m obviously not, but hopefully next year!

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  10. You’ve been to some wonderful places. I would love to go to Peru and Argentina in the future. We are booked to go to a Greek island on July 1 but the flight was cancelled and there’s a two week quarantine when we get back, so it’s unlikely to happen. Thanks for linking at #WowOnWednesday

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  11. I don’t have any travel plans right now. — What I like best about travelling is making plans, rather than travelling itself…

    I hope we will be able to go wherever we want without worrying soon.


  12. Great post as it made me thankful for the wonderful traveling I have done so far. But, like you, I yearn for my next travel adventure will this all ends.


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