Red Rose centre macro shot

Spread the fragrance of happiness!

Happiness held is the seed, Happiness shared is the flower“.

How are you all my lovely friends? I was supposed to post a travelogue about a wonderful destination but I chose these macro shots of the homegrown red rose. Because why not! After all, this blog is all about my thoughts through which I am connected with you all.

Red Rose
Red Rose
Rose, Macro Shot

Sharing these photographs of the red rose to remind you as how you should enjoy your journey and destination at the same time just like how rose is beautiful at each stage. One word of appreciation, one word of motivation brings a smile on my face which definitely passes on to another one in need. Roses send the strong message of love and today these roses are dedicated to all my dear fellas who are there in this journey of Nanchi. Thank you for being there.

Red Rose centre macro shot
Red Rose
Red Rose Side
Red Rose

Spread the happiness and positivity!❀❀

42 thoughts on “Spread the fragrance of happiness!

      1. That’s so sweet of you. I’m okay but I’m going to office everyday. Cases are increasing and I hope I don’t end up being one.
        What about you?


  1. Oh that deep red color! Just LOVE it and you for sharing. Visiting you at A Themed Linkup 21 for Photos and Videos- JULY 15 TO 19. I’ll pin this post. My share is Tucson Fun-Street Art for Wordless Wednesday.

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  2. I think flowers are a universal smile promoter! You captured a wonderful color in the rose.

    Your support for ‘My Corner of the World’ is much appreciated! Thanks for your link this week.

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