Karni Mata Temple, Bikaner • Nanchi’s Fun Facts Friday!

Nanchi’s Fun Facts Friday – The Rat Temple, Bikaner!

I can’t believe the days are going so fast, even while at home! 😂 There is another Friday and back with another post of Nanchi’s Fun Facts Friday. I hope you are liking them. Today I will be sharing about the place and its myths which sounds bizarre but have religious beliefs to it. I am talking about the Karni Mata Temple located in Deshnok, 40 kms from the Thar Desert City – Bikaner, the land of Royal Cenotaphs and Majestic Mansions., Rajasthan.

Rats drinking milk, Karni Mata Temple, Bikaner • Nanchi’s Fun Facts Friday
Rats drinking milk, Karni Mata Temple, Bikaner • Nanchi’s Fun Facts Friday

So, here we go….

  • Karni Mata Temple is also known as Rat Temple.
  • There are around 20,000 rats in the premises.
  • The rats here are called “Kabbas” or “Little Children”.
  • If one of the rats is accidentally killed, it is to be replaced with one made of gold or silver.
  • Despite the dangers to the rats themselves, there are no records of humans contracting any disease by the rats in the temple.

    Detailed post about the foundation of the temple, the story behind it will be posted soon:)
Karni Mata Temple, Bikaner • Nanchi’s Fun Facts Friday!
Karni Mata Temple, Bikaner • Nanchi’s Fun Facts Friday!

32 thoughts on “Nanchi’s Fun Facts Friday – The Rat Temple, Bikaner!

      1. Agreed, history behind our monuments is so intresting that if taught in an effective way, kids actually start liking history subject. But unfortunately, we follow ‘ratta mar’ method and get marks. Bas, Itna gyan hee kaafi hai.

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  1. I had intended to cycle to Bikaner (and further) back in December and go to this temple along the way. There’s a lot to of other great things to see in that area as well. However, my plans changed (for a good reason – I was invited to stay in a village near Jhunjhunu for a week) so I didn’t get to ride as far before heading down to Jaipur. On the positive side, that means I can do that trip another time!

    Thanks for the facts – I knew of the temple but not the facts you shared.

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    1. Woah…what can be better than staying in a village for a week! Lovely! From where were you planning to cycle to Bikaner? Though, in city it is perfect to stroll on cycle. It is city of food and culture. Please do visit it next time.

      I am glad you liked the facts, Todd. 😊

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      1. I ended up cycling four days. Delhi to Sare Khurd, Sare Khurd to Neemrana, Neemrana to Narnaul and then Narnaul to near Bagar. It truly was the best way to see that part of the world. I met so many people along the way and had such great experiences – nothing can compare to traveling by cycle and then staying in the village.

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  2. OK.. So this is a place I didn’t go to while in Bikaner and shall avoid places like these anywhere else in the world. It’s interesting to know that people worship the rats in this temple, though. Interesting post.. Thank you Madam for sharing.


  3. That is amazing, Nanchi! While rats get a really bad reputation, there is still something sort of regal about their survival capacity, isn’t there? And they do hold a sacred spot in the Chinese zodiac as well. My mother was born in a year of the rat so I have always kind of held a special place for them even if it is just symbolically. Thanks for sharing this and linking up. Super interesting stuff.



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