Nanchi’s Fun Facts Friday! • Bhaja Caves

Nanchi’s Fun Facts Friday – Bhaja Caves!

Yayy! I am back with another Fun Facts Friday and this time it is quite interesting. Presenting you with the subject I am fascinated with – Caves! They are so mysterious. This Friday it is about the Bhaja Caves. Here are the fun facts about Bhaja Caves….

Nanchi’s Fun Facts Friday! • Bhaja Caves
Nanchi’s Fun Facts Friday! • Bhaja Caves
  • Located 400 feet above the village of Bhaja, Lonavala, Pune.
  • Group of 22 rock-cut caves dating back to 2nd century.
  • Bhaja Caves belong to Hinayana Buddhism Sect in Maharashtra.
  • With a horseshoe ceiling design, the biggest excavation is the Chaitya Gruh, which is 26 feet 8 inches wide and 59 feet long in Cave XII.
  • The carvings here proves that Tabla (a musical instrument) was used in India for at least 2300 years ago.
  • Some inscriptions indicates that caves have been there for at least 2200 years.
  • The notable part is 14 stupas, the relics of resident monks who died at Bhaja.
  • There is a waterfall near the last cave which flows water into a small pool at the bottom during monsoons.
  • The Bhaja Caves are an epitome of exemplary architecture and design.

Hope you enjoyed these Nanchi’s Fun Facts Friday. You can also check Shaniwar Wada Hawa Mahal or Redwoods Forest, Whakarewarewa, Rotorua, New Zealand.

39 thoughts on “Nanchi’s Fun Facts Friday – Bhaja Caves!

  1. Two things:

    1) Thanks for telling me you’ve posted Fun facts, it tells me it’s Friday. 😂

    2) You’re so good at it that you can write on one place with so many different ways. Like the journey, importance, its History etc.

    I loved it. As usual!


    1. Haha…I can understand Samantha, one can be frightened by the caves but being a Buddhist base, these were so peaceful. You will surely like it. Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a fantastic weekend! 😊


  2. Never knew such caves dating back to the Mauryan Empire ever existed in this part of the country.
    There are reportedly more such cave systems in the Western Ghats. Wonder why they were built here, in the middle of nowhere. But again, Sigiriya was also built in the middle of nowhere.
    Thank you Madam for enlightening us about the Bhaja Caves. I am sure a thorough archaeological excavation of the area, specially the stupas, will yield some relic belonging to Lord Buddha or his disciples..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Interesting to know, right! As you mentioned, there are so many caves in Western Ghats. I have tried to visit as much as feasible. Will try to post more about the caves. I suppose, they were built in nowhere to get the peaceful environment as mostly there were Buddhist Caves. As you must have observed the caves are located near where the natural resources are abundant. Bhaja Caves are under the ASI and I guess a lot of study is done under it. You can check Wiki for more information. I am glad you liked it! 🙂 😊

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      1. I actually checked Wikipedia post reading about these caves. The age of those caves just stunned me. It still leaves many questions unanswered. And more importantly, why would the Mauryan Emperors or Shunga Kings or Satvahanas be interested in building such elaborate rock cut caves, which is extremely difficult, given the geography of these places?
        Once this virus madness is controlled, I shall personally visit one of those caves.
        You are right though, this seemingly desolate place might have offered peace and tranquility to the Buddhist monks.
        Thank you Madam for displaying such unknown places which are in India.. ☺️

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      2. I am glad Bhaja caves interests you. Please do visit, I am sure you will love it and be mesmerized by it. There is another cave near Bhaja and that is Karla. You can plan a visit to both for a weekend trip. I too am waiting to explore more unseen places like these. I am glad you always like the destinations, I share. Thank you Abir! 😊

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      3. Well Madam, many of your destinations fall into the category of places “off the beaten track”, which resonates with my preferences as well as the Title of My Blog.. ☺️
        I visited the Elephanta Caves. Will write about them in the near future. I shall also visit Karla Caves as well, thanks for your suggestions.. ☺️
        It’s a pleasure reading your blog and learning from your expertise. Thank you Madam for sharing..!! ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

      4. The quest for “Off-beaten Tracks” is what connects. Awaiting your post on Elephanta Caves. Yes, Karla is more intricate. It is good to read from you as you add on to my information. Thank you! 😊

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